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A book of poetry that bares the soul of a woman and her life experiences. Each section is named for the experiences she has gone through in life. From love and lust to her career, she moves beautifully and eloquently through emotions, giving us a peek into her soul.

Loving, hurting, triumphing, failing, fighting, resting, working, creating. You can feel it all--beautifully and completely-- in her words.

At the end, she leaves us with a little taste of her Jamaican roots with a Sorrel recipe.

Hibiscus is chillin' on the couch with your best girlfriend, sharing your experiences, laughing and crying, with no judgment. It's one of them tight embraces while she rubs your back and says "Girl, you gon' be alright!


Beautifully written book of poetry that felt like an invitation to explore the author's life experience. The book also invites us to take a seat to reflect on our own experiences. Each chapter is carefully divided and I must say my favorite section of the book is Mental Wellness & Self Care. Hibiscus contains poems that are impactful, relatable, and that each stands out on their own. ''Question?'','' BurnOut'' Anxiety, ''Bedtime'','' Watering'' ''Refresh'', ''Love Like Mine'', ''Weeds'', and as well as ''Unlearning'' are the poems that caught my attention and that I keep revisiting almost every week.
All in all, I definitely enjoyed reading Hibiscus as I kept finding shards of my own personality and personal life in the different sections of the book. I will happily come back to it again and again.


Amazing work of art! This book speaks to the soul! Embodies elements of life that I feel many women are too afraid to speak on and acknowledge! Shows growth, vulnerability and change! Definitely a good read with a glass of wine!


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