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Hibiscus poster

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Hibiscus by Kishawna Illustration by Mélissa Mathieu  


I don’t think you know me sir

I take calculated risks

You were




Before I proceeded


Love to me is one of the greatest risks 

Constantly watered with luxe conversations

dreams of happiness

acts of chivalry

I bloom


To bloom out of my bud

and expose my petals to the elements

I need to be sure 


that you won’t blow me over with your ego

or starve me of air


that I’ll feel your warmth

and our troubles never drown me 

But wow...


I seem to never be able to outsmart love

He always comes dressed differently

finds a way to creep in

and disguises himself as ideal

And I open

and I fall

I try to retreat back to my bud


I feel each petal leaving me 


Leaving me


I can’t undo opening up

I fall apart instead

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