Still Reading poster

Still Reading poster

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Still Reading by Kishawna Illustration by Mélissa Mathieu  


Gingerly take you off the shelf

Decoding your history in your spine 

Measure your weight

in these hands of mine 

What will I find?

If I open you up and turn the pages 

Read all about your life phases

How you struggled

heart broke but you still made it

The fact you let me in is so courageous


Let’s go 


I’m blocked before I even begun 

Your text written in foreign tongue 

I can’t put you down 

I learn to read between the lines 

Read your pauses as a sign 

Translate words that don’t exist in mine 

Because to me 

You’re worth the time 

Still reading


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.: 175 gsm fine art paper
.: Matte finish
.: For indoor use