White Feminism poster

White Feminism poster

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White Feminism by Kishawna Illustration by Mélissa Mathieu  


What a luxury

To have mountains fall to their knees

When the faint scent of you catches breeze

How do you not trip on the debris

In your stilettos head high

Crushing necks beneath your platforms

Deaf to the cries 

You do what you want how you want

No need to compromise

When I was younger I used to want to be just like you

Lost myself in the dark

Exhausted trying to pay my dues

We're not the same you and I

I'm too many deviations apart

I can't operate like you

Cause I got too much heart 

I can't operate like you

You're way too bold

My skin colour hue

Used to be branded and sold

I won't operate like you

You're way too cold

If you had my hand 

I'm sure you'd fold

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